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Adsense Indonesia Paid Review Indonesia


* Get Paid to Click on Ads
* Get paid $0.01 per click
* Refer your friends to increase your earnings
* Get paid $0.005 per your referral's click
* Our system provides new methods of getting referrals
* Registration is absolutelly FREE!
* All users might be of only 150 refferars!
* Happy day!
Now until 12.3.2009 23:55 - 15.3.2009 hour only premium price is 29.99 dollars and instead of 5 Reff is added to 8 Reff!
aZbux.com Advertisers

* Get new visitors, customers to your site
* Each registered member could click only once per 24 hours
* Our site provides powerfull protection before cheaters
* We charge $11.45 per 1000 member visits
* Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price

How much can I earn?

* If you click 10 ads a day and your refered 100 members click 10 ads a day, you could earn up to $5.1 daily, that means $153 monthly and that means $1836 yearly. With more referrals or ads the earning potential is endless

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